IMMOOC Shout-Outs!

The IMMOOC has been a burst of growth and the building of an amazing PLFamily!  I appreciate how everyone’s voice is heard and equal.  Special thanks to theses amazing bloggers!


by Judy Imamudeen @judyimamudeen1

I appreciate this post because Judy reminds us of how far we have actually come in education.   12 years ago, when I first started teaching, I thought many of the same things Judy did, and I can add a few more.  I thought I was preparing students for a test, now I think I’m preparing them for life.  I thought I would be a better teacher if only I had this resource or that resource, but now I think that being a good teacher is about empowering students. I use to think that professional development was a waste of time, now I think professional learning is the way we grow.  I appreciate how Judy reminds us that it’s okay to change your mind.

Why do you persevere? #IMMOOC

by Annick Rauch @annickrauch

A quote from Annick’s post:

“…would we still continue to push and grow without quitting when the going gets tough? Or would we be able to make up some sort of logical reasoning (uhh okay excuses) in our heads that would trick us into thinking that what we’ve been doing all along has been working, therefore we don’t really need to change?”

When the going gets tough, what keeps us from reverting back to our comfort zone? What is our support system?  I’m lucky enough to work with one of the most supportive and talented teams @ABSScurrPD, but many rely on a PLFamily to find their tribe.  Thanks for the reminder that our why is not the only thing that keeps us going, it’s relationships!

#IMMOOC: Not for you – BY you.

by Carolyn Cormier @CCORMIER_EDU

Thank you for the reminder that it’s up to us.  Education is not a neatly packaged system to hand out, and it shouldn’t be.  We must do our part to affect change and it’s not always neat or well vetted.  It’s our responsibility, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

In the words of my friend Cheryl Beeson, “Onward!”







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